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Retribution,        A
Psychological Thriller

September 24, 2019

No one was more important to him than his childhood friend Rachel.  He was an adolescent when he discovered he had a flair for killing. He wasn’t an abused child and he didn’t kill animals.  There was no reason for him to kill.  He simply killed because he wanted to; because killing was exciting and as he grew older it gave him a purpose.  All of that stopped after Rachel moved in next door.  They became best friends and remained friends, until the day she died in a plane crash piloted by her husband.

     He discovers the reason behind the crash was to protect her husband’s business venture with a Vatican Monsignor and to continue their smuggling of gold and art out of Northern Europe.

      He waited and watched but when a second plane crash takes the life of Rachel’s surviving daughter, his thirst to kill awakens and he starts at the very beginning with a renewed thirst and shocking methods of murder as he unleashes retribution on all responsible for both crashes.

Retribution,        A Psychological Thriller: Work
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